During the COVID-19 crisis, with college partners closed and mounting pressures on employers, the FAME USA team at the Manufacturing Institute (MI) is providing a forum for regular communication, problem-solving, and old-fashioned togetherness.

“We were planning a signature event for April 14th in San Antonio–the FAME Live! showcase–when this [COVID-19] really began to escalate; we quickly realized we would have to postpone the event and in the time since, we’ve had front row seats as this unprecedented turn of events has unfolded right in front of us,” says Senior Director of Workforce Initiatives Tony Davis.

As the team surveyed the quickly and unpredictably changing environment, a steady stream of communication began between the MI team and faculty, deans, facility managers, human resources, and others from chapters around the country.

MI Vice President for Workforce Initiatives Gardner Carrick decided a FAME USA video call should be scheduled, and the first Zoom-hosted video call was scheduled for March 24, 2020. Since that time, the MI has hosted weekly FAME USA video calls, with about 80 instructors and company representatives on each call.

Team member Alexandra Becker has compiled each detail, ensuring the team has had the necessary data–closures, timelines, meetings dates, and more–to facilitate communication and decisions. Additionally, MI team member Cassi Zumbiel has joined on multiple occasions to introduce or expand on information related to Federal stimulus and related workforce policy pieces to ensure our FAME USA network stays aware of these developments.

These calls, and the data collected, has produced multiple COVID-19 workaround guides for the FAME-proprietary Manufacturing Core Exercises (MCE’s), highlighted innovative solutions by employers and college partners at various chapters, provided examples for the ongoing NAM #CreatorsRespond campaign, and spurred deeper virtual learning exercises and research–most recently featuring a presentation on the Amatrol LMS, presented by Vice President of North American Sales Kent Powell.

FAME has shown its value to nearly 400 employers across the country for nearly a decade; though the pandemic has caused unprecedented change in this country–and throughout the world–The Manufacturing Institute knows that manufacturers are strong, manufacturing is necessary, and demand for skilled technicians like AMT’s will only grow.

For more information, follow FAME at LinkedIn.com/showcase/FAME-USA, or visit www.FAME-USA.com!