FAME USA Is An Empowering Partnership

Team up with local manufacturing leaders to produce global-best talent that meets industry need through a proven model--led by employers with specific education delivered through community college partnerships.

How the FAME Program Works

The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education provides global-best workforce development through strong technical training, integration of manufacturing core competencies, intensive professional practices and intentional hands-on experience to build the future of the modern manufacturing industry.

As a college partner, you play an integral role in the success of each student and the FAME Chapter as a whole.

The college partner must be willing to work with the Chapter to ensure adherence to the FAME model--that includes delivering the technical knowledge, teaching and supporting the Manufacturing Core Exercises, and instilling the Professional Behaviors to each cohort of FAME students.

Technical Skills

The FAME program in your area will be based upon an existing degree program; FAME employers will guide you on what technical courses should be accentuated, and your instructor(s) must deliver the FAME model with integrity.

Manufacturing Core Exercises

The MCEs are taught by your instructor, with exercises both in the classroom and at work. FAME MCEs are delivered though a Learn It, Do It, Apply It, and Tell It sequence.

Professional Behaviors

A defining aspect of the FAME model, Professional Behaviors are a comprehensive set of professional actions, skills, and behaviors that are instilled through constant introduction, reinforcement, and integration into MCEs and academics.

FAME Is A Little Different (In A Good Way)

  • Students must attend as a cohort--classes are Tuesday and Thursday
  • The program will start each Fall and students then attend each semester (including Summer) until graduation
  • Students attend "class" in an Advanced Manufacturing Center
  • Instructors should have manufacturing experience
  • FAME USA will provide all needed training for MCEs and Professional Behaviors
  • A "Success Coach" should be in place to support students as they balance their work/school responsibilities

Want to learn more about specific partnering roles?

K12 Pathway and Support

  • Chapters are encouraged to work with Elementary and Middle school environments to build awareness of STEM and STEM-careers
  • Chapters are encouraged to work with students in the Secondary environment
    • Support associated groups like Project Lead the Way, FIRST Robotics, Skills USA, etc.
    • Host MFG Day activities to help showcase their respective facilities to high school juniors and seniors
    • Develop relationships with school leaders, particularly CTE and counselor staff, to build awareness of the FAME model, specifically the AMT program
  • FAME chapters want to recruit top-third high school graduates--students that are college-ready, but may prefer to pursue a faster, more structured approach to a career

Community College Partner

  • Provides the educational component that awards an Associate degree
  • Degree programs vary, but all students will earn at least 60 credit hours
  • Five (5) straight semesters to complete the degree and program
  • Students work approx1,800 hours of on-the-job training and work experience to complement the academic experience
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