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The Advanced Maintenance Technician (AMT) Co-op provides a new approach to attaining an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Engineering Systems Technology with a concentration in Multi-Skilled Maintenance Technician.


The Multi-Skilled Maintenance Technician is a highly trained individual with special skillsets that work in manufacturing environments. Due to their specialized training and skills, they command much higher salaries than typical manufacturing positions. A multi-skilled maintenance technician has a broad foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of electrical and electronic circuits, robotics, instrumentation, programmable logic controllers, motor controls and hydraulics/pneumatics equipment.

Trained Multi-Skilled Technicians can expect to earn more than $37,000 per year starting salary and the earning potential can rapidly increase to $50,000 or more.  This is very significant considering that the median household income in Tennessee is only $41,000.

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Who is selected?

Along with JSCC’s application for admission, prospective students will be selectively accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Academic success as measured through grades and class rank.
  • Scholastic  capability as measured through ACT or SAT scores (College readiness in all areas, i.e. Math 19, Reading 19, and Writing 18 ACT scores, equivalent SAT scores, JSCC placement test score, and/or SAILS completions)
  • Effective communication skills as measured through the submission of a written essay.
  • Commitment to work in a team and problem-solving environment.

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