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The Kansas Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KS FAME) - Kansas City Chapter's mission is to create a pipeline of global-best, entry-level multiskilled maintenance technicians to support manufacturers in and near Kansas City.  Kansas City FAME delivers the Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program to develop and grow a skilled pipeline of workers through the engagement of the current and future workforce in partnership with industry and the community.

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You’re smart, career-oriented, and ready for a well-paying career right now. With Kansas City FAME, you can dive into a challenging advanced manufacturing career while receiving the education needed to build your resume and make you highly marketable to manufacturers across the state.

Once you’re accepted into the FAME AMT program, you will begin work on a combination education/training program to earn an associate’s degree as an Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT). During the week, you will attend classes at a local Community College and work for a local employer – all while being paid a competitive wage for your work.

After five semesters you will have earned an associate degree and two years of work experience. At that point, you’ll be ready to enter the workforce full time with all the skills needed to succeed - and with the potential of no school debt!

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Candidates for FAME should be career-oriented, academically prepared students seeking rewarding work with attractive benefits who thrive within highly regimented, hands-on programs and are aiming to advance quickly in their career. All participants must be college-ready high school graduates interested in pursuing a concentrated two-year, debt-free degree and looking to gain a practical set of valuable and transferable technical skills.

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