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The Colorado Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (CO FAME) - Pueblo Chapter's mission is to create a pipeline of global-best, entry-level multiskilled maintenance technicians to support manufacturers in and near Pueblo.  Pueblo FAME delivers the Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program to develop and grow a skilled pipeline of workers through the engagement of the current and future workforce in partnership with industry and the community.



The Pueblo FAME Chapter is a grassroots, employer driven program focused on developing highly skilled Advanced Manufacturing Technicians (AMTs). The Pueblo Chapter has been founded by key local employers, including: Trane Technologies, GPS Source, Krage Manufacturing, PeWag, Steel City Solar, TR Toppers, and Vestas. As this program continues to grow, interest from industry partners is continuously expanding as well. Key community partners include Pueblo Community College, the Pueblo Economic Development Council (PEDCO), and Made in Pueblo, a consortium of Pueblo manufacturing employers.  Over time, this program is designed to create a pipeline of highly trained individuals who can transition to full-time employment upon graduation. For participating companies, this program is critical to fill the skills gaps in advanced manufacturing operations.

If you are a recent high school graduate, transitioning military member, or an individual looking to move into a high tech, high paying career path, the FAME program could be for you. This program is designed to give you hands-on experience while also providing you time to complete a two year associates degree at Pueblo Community College.  During the program, you will receive formal classroom training two days per week and work onsite at your sponsoring company three days a week.  The program focuses on professional presence (soft skills), lean manufacturing acumen, and technical skill attainment.  As a program graduate you will be ready to enter the workforce full time with the skills needed to be successful - and with the potential of no school debt!

Don’t delay, Apply Now.  Interviews will take place on April 10, 2021 and the next FAME class will start this summer.

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Candidates for FAME should be career-oriented, academically prepared students seeking rewarding work with attractive benefits who thrive within highly regimented, hands-on programs and are aiming to advance quickly in their career. All participants must be college-ready high school graduates interested in pursuing a concentrated two-year, debt-free degree and looking to gain a practical set of valuable and transferable technical skills.

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