HURRICANE, W.Va – Kanawha Scales and Systems (KSS) has joined the Kanawha Valley FAME Chapter as a way to obtain a pipeline of skilled talent. The Putnam County Development Authority (PCDA) is the cornerstone organization supporting the first-ever FAME chapter in West Virginia.

“KSS is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in a program where we give students hands-on experience honing the skill sets they are studying,” said Larry Wigal, Director of Technical Services at Kanawha Scales and Systems. “The goal for KSS is to acquire a technically trained employee with a couple years of real-world experience in the field applying skills they learn, not only in the classroom, through the two year Advanced Manufacturing Technology degree program.”

FAME is a workforce training program that follows an apprenticeship model allowing students to attend community college while providing paid on-the-job training at manufacturing facilities. Students in the program work toward a two-year degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. FAME requires the support of a non-profit, a community college and local business partners.

“We started with two company partners in our FAME chapter and our goal is to recruit more,” said Morganne Tenney, Executive Director of Putnam County Development Authority. “We are so grateful for the support of Kanawha Scales and Systems and that they see the value of FAME as a way to recruit talent. Student response has been wonderful. Additional company support is needed to support the amount of applications received.”


Leanne Stowers

Economic Development Manager