March 31, 2023

Ami Reese
(219) 248-7337

Northwest Indiana Manufacturers Joining Newest FAME Charter; Seek Education Provider

VALPARAISO, IND — The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) has approved
a new South Shore INFAME Chapter. The group will provide a global-best workforce development
program to college-ready students throughout Northwest Indiana who are interested in pursuing an
Associate’s Degree in Advanced Manufacturing.
Area companies and educational institutions, with the support of the Center of Workforce
Innovations, are partnering to provide students with technical training and hands-on experience.
The charter has formed an executive board and is recruiting additional manufacturing companies
with the plan to begin recruiting graduating high school students fall of 2023 where students would
begin the program summer of 2024.
“FAME is a workforce training program supported by the Manufacturing Institute that follows workand-learn model allowing students to attend community college while providing paid on-the-job work
experience,” said Leah Konrady, Chapter Chairperson and CEO of Konrady Plastics. “This is a winwin-win for students looking for a career path in manufacturing, companies seeking to recruit strong
talent, and higher education looking to work alongside students and employers.”
“Manufacturing is the backbone of Northwest Indiana and our country, and this program provides a
pathway to sustain manufacturing in the region. With many baby boomers retiring, now is the time to
bridge the age and talent gap and attract and retain the next generation of talent,” added Konrady.
In addition to Konrady Plastics, members of South Shore INFAME include KTR Corporation, Triplex
Plating, American Renolit, Tristate Industries, Michigan City Paperbox, and Windeavor.
The FAME program is designed so that young people will be able to earn a sustainable wage and a
potentially debt-free two-year Associates Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. The newly
formed chapter and board agree, this program has the potential to do a lot for the Region’s emerging
Educational institutions interested in serving as the education provider for the chapter are
encouraged to submit a response to the Request for Proposal posted at by April 30, 2023.

For more information including higher education partners, employers interested in joining
South Shore INFAME or high schools interested in a presentation this Fall, please contact Shaun
Sahlhoff, Planning and Project Development Associate for CWI at (219) 248-7455 or ssahlhoff@