The Manufacturing Institute is also working with companies across the country to create and support apprenticeships and other tried and true ways to earn-and learn. Through the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education Program (FAME), originally founded by Toyota, we have established affiliated chapters in more than a dozen states that work with nearly 400 partner companies to provide participants with industry-specific skills and know-how to succeed. Participants earn a paycheck and a two-year degree in the program. It is a highly integrated, and proven, career pathway to train global-best, entry-level, multiskilled advanced manufacturing technicians.

High quality, plentiful manufactured goods are more important than ever, and manufacturing is evolving at an ever-increasing pace to meet it. Sustainability is the watchword, and we’re leveraging technologies and designing solutions to help the world do more while wasting less. Manufacturing isn’t the same as it was a year ago and by this time next year, the horizons will have expanded again.

Change is the future of work. Or more accurately, it’s the future of talented American workers whose relentless pursuit of new skills and challenges will open opportunities not yet imaginable. In manufacturing, creators are wanted.

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