SKY FAME graduate Brilee Harris in a factory setting

“I chose the SKY FAME program because not only did it sound like a great opportunity to get my advanced manufacturing degree in only two years. I was also able to work throughout the program so that I could gain knowledge and continue to make money while I was in school,” said Brilee Harris, a graduate of the SKY FAME program at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC).

“With the scholarships I received, including SKYCTC’s DC to Finish Scholarship and the KHEES money I had accumulated throughout high school, I actually had excess scholarship money and was paid out around $1,000 per semester. This program helped me advance my career immensely because I am now a professional in my field with no college debt. In the future, I plan to advance in my current job to a leadership position and I am also considering going back to school to become an electrical engineer,” added Harris.

– Brilee Harris, SKY FAME Graduate 2020

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