In honor of Veteran’s Day this month, Shoals Chapter is spotlighting Cole Jackson, a veteran of the US Army sponsored by Constellium. Cole is a great leader in the classroom, and we are honored to have him in the FAME Program. Thank you for your service, Cole.

“My personal safety commitment is to always be aware of my surroundings.”

Cole’s Personal Safety Commitment
Shoals FAME
Alabama Shoal’s AMT Student, Cole Jackson.

From Constellium: “Cole is doing a really good job. He is a very fast learner, mechanically inclined, and gets along great with his co-workers. Fabricating pipe, both threaded pipe and welded. Fabricating steam piping for the hotline 120 oil house. Fabricating steam piping for the hotline 170 oil house. Changing a roll lift pump at the 5 stand. Rebuilding a coolant heat exchanger in the 5 stand oil house. Changing work rolls at the hotline 170 mill and the 130 mill. Installing piping on the 3 stand air receiver. Rebuilding oil mist units at the hotline, 5 stand, and 3 stand mills. Installing rope skimmers in the hotline 120 and 170 oil houses. This job included “MiG” welding the frames for the skimmers. Changing bridle rolls at the HSCCL. Repairing plant scrap cans. Repairing plant coil wagons. Cole has assisted in all area maintenance outages. Cole has a really bright future as a mechanical tech.”

Here is a photo of one of his welds
One of Cole’s welds.