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Manufacturing continuously evolves with the introduction of automation and technology, and this evolution will undoubtedly change what skillsets employees need. Investing in the OH! FAME program provides an opportunity to shape the adaptability and knowledge of future workers while also considering their value as the rest of the workforce ages toward retirement



OH! FAME uses the nationally recognized Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) program to instill professional knowledge and skills among persons working in advanced manufacturing. FAME’s earn-while-you-learn apprenticeship model provides participants a respected pathway toward an industry-recognized degree and on-the-job training. In less than two years, program graduates earn an associate degree, an Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Certification, and log approximately 1,800 hours at their sponsoring company. OH! FAME’s apprenticeship program requires participants to attend classes at Owens Community College’s Findlay Campus two days per week and work first shift alongside an assigned mentor three days per week (at least 24 hours) at their sponsoring company.

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  • The sponsoring company will pay you at minimum $12 per hour for work and will cover at minimum one-half of your tuition and fees, a fantastic opportunity to graduate with potentially zero student-loan debt

  • Mentor-guided career development that will teach you about the company, its products, and its culture as well as the numerous divisions and careers accessible to you after graduating from the OH! FAME program

  • Enhanced workplace-readiness skills and professional practices (including attendance, initiative, interpersonal relations, teamwork, and communication) that will position you as a leader and prime you for future responsibilities and roles

  • The skills, credentials, and certifications earned throughout the program are readily transferable to other workplaces and employment positions

  • You are not on this journey alone; you are surrounded by like-minded peers co-pursuing an advanced manufacturing career and they become an important personal and professional network for accountability and support

  • Companies need you because your skills and professional practices are highly sought after in the marketplace; after graduating you may have a $55,000+ career waiting for you

OH FAME - OH!FAME Chapter Safety Circle demonstration

Check out this Safety Circle by OH FAME - OH!FAME Chapter AMTs at Owens Community College in Findlay, OH!

This is a great job demonstrating various elements of this exercise!

Beginning at 3:02, Findlay staff do a great job explaining the "why" of this important element as well as providing more details on the FAME AMT program!

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