INFAME Student and Parent Showcase Series

Join Indy and Anderson area manufacturers who are looking to sponsor students through this world-class college training program – INFAME

Join participating manufacturers on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday afternoons throughout October and November to discuss how to apply for the Indiana Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (INFAME) Advanced Manufacturing Technician program.

This is a college program, where graduates are sponsored by participating employers and GRADUATE DEBT FREE with an associate degree in less than 2 years.

Speak directly to employers who will be sponsoring students to learn more!

These discussions are for high school seniors and their parents/guardians, but also may be attended by younger students, educators, adult workers looking to make a career change, or anyone else looking to learn more about careers in advanced manufacturing.

Click here to register for the INFAME Student and Parents Showcase Series.


Recruiting is now open for 2021 – Click here to see the online INFAME application for Central Indiana!


Nov 04 2020 - Dec 02 2020